Fostering Futures welcomes, values and celebrates employees’ diverse backgrounds, including (but not limited to) variations in: race, age, ethnic background, marital status, disability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Fostering Futures is committed to training and supporting staff through regular performance reviews, raises, annual gifts for longevity and staff-appreciation events. This is a teamwork environment, and all staff work hard to support each other succeeding in achieving permanency for the children we serve.



Visitation Specialist

Update 8/1/2018 - We have NO open Visitation Specialist positions at this time

The Visitation Specialist will be responsible for supervising parenting times and providing a safe, secure environment, physically and emotionally, for children in the foster care system at Fostering Futures’ office or another agreed-upon site. Responsibilities include:

  • Supervising parenting times for birth parents with their child(ren). This includes seeing and hearing every interaction, documenting the visit, and if necessary, intervening with the parent or child when intervention or guidance is required.
  • Maintain contact with Foster Care Case Manager and Foster Care Supervisor assigned to the case to provide pertinent information.
  • Report any problems or concerns to Foster Care Supervisor and/or Visitation Specialist Supervisor as soon as possible.
  • Be prompt in keeping appointments and adhering to agreed upon schedules.
  • Abide by Fostering Futures confidentiality policy.
  • Record hours worked, mileage driven, and visitation summaries on provided forms.  All visitation reports need to be completed at the time of the visits and must be turned in to the Visitation Specialist Supervisor by the next business day.
  • Submit requests for time off, and communicate changes in availability, with as much advance notice as possible.
  • Follow and enforce Fostering Futures’ policies regarding visitation procedures.
  • May provide childcare in the agency office.

foster care case manager

Update 8/1/2018 - We are currently accepting applications for a Case Manager

Foster Care Case Manager is a direct-care position that requires a Bachelor's Degree in a social science. No child welfare training, certificate or experience is required.

This position requires someone who is able to: tolerate and excel at a high-level of documentation; able to maintain great attention to detail; have a very high-level social and conflict management skills; enjoy interacting with children and families, but also recognize that face-to- face interactions with children are unfortunately not a large part of the job. The position requires a person with confidence in themselves and a willingness/ability to learn how to perform in stressful situations, such as testifying in court and appearing before review boards, as well as facilitating challenging Family Team Meetings. In addition, this position requires a person with great flexibility and a tolerance for a never-ending to-do list and an ability to constantly re-prioritize tasks based on urgency and policy requirements. There are an enormous amount of policies, requirements and processes to learn in this position and therefore this job also requires the maturity and wisdom to be patient through the process, as there is a 6-month to 1-year learning curve on this position.


The first step toward a career with Fostering Futures is to send your resume to: ttalvitie@ffkids.org

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