Medical & Dental Forms

Periodic Medical and Dental exams, and Developmental Assessments, are required by the State of Michigan for all children in foster care. Well-Child Exams are more frequent for infants, and gradually taper off to once per year at age three. Yearly Dental Exams are required starting at age three, but any child should be seen by a dentist if their teeth appear discolored, misshapen or you have any concerns about the child's oral health. Developmental Assessments begin at age 6 months, and are generally due at the same ages Well-Child exams. See the schedule chart below for details, and for links to download the required forms for each visit.



Please make sure you have all the forms you need
BEFORE your next visit!

Developmental Assessment forms (ASQ, PSC or PSC-Y - see chart below) should be completed by foster parents, sometimes along with the child's case manager during a home visit, BEFORE the Well-Child Exam. The completed Developmental Assessment form should be taken to the Well-Child Exam, so the doctor can use it to complete their own assessment of the child's development.

AT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE, please ensure the doctor completes EVERY section of the Well-Child Exam form, and signs / dates each page. The doctor may encourage you to leave the form with them to complete "later" and send to our office; however, we have a very low rate of success with receiving forms unless the foster parents leave with them in-hand. Also, doctors frequently skip over the developmental section of the Well-Child form (page 2 or 3), but this section is NOT optional at any age. If you make sure these forms are completed and returned to Fostering Futures, it will save our staff hours of work per appointment, which we would much rather spend meeting your family's needs in other ways!


Well-Child medical examinations and developmental assessments are required at different age intervals, as shown in the schedule below. The required forms for each age can be downloaded by clicking on the form name in the table. Also, ASC forms can be completed online or downloaded from Easter Seals by clicking the large "ASQ ONLINE" button at the bottom of the table. (The Easter Seals website will ask for your child's birth date, and automatically give you the right form). If you have any questions about this schedule, or which forms are required at each age, your Case Manager will be happy to help! 

1 Week 1 Week -- --
4 Weeks4 Weeks -- --
2 Months2 Months -- --
4 Months4 Months -- --