Fostering Futures' Mission Statement

Fostering Futures is a non-profit, child placing agency founded on a strong commitment to providing the best services to children and families in the foster care system. Fostering Futures will provide safe haven for all that receive services or employment under the auspice of its name. Fostering Futures is based on the foundation of sound clinical practice and a goal to meet the therapeutic needs of children and their families with a systemic and psychotherapeutic approach to treatment. 

Fostering Futures will consistently direct all foster care money towards the needs of the children, their families and consistency of care by ensuring employees are well-compensated and given balanced work-loads, enabling them to commit long-term to the agency and its clients. Fostering Futures will function as a team with its staff, foster parents and referring agencies within a supportive, sound and transparent business structure. Fostering Futures strives to be innovative and to grow with the needs of the community and all persons involved in its proposed mission.

The Heart Behind the Mission

The experienced founders of Fostering Futures know that many times caseworkers and licensing workers in child welfare are overworked, underpaid, undertrained, and therefore; unable to meet some of the essential needs of foster children, their birth families and their foster parents. Fostering Futures is determined to meet those needs and will do so through many avenues. Importantly, Fostering Futures is committed to having all foster care staff with a maximum caseload of 15 children from its conception. The agency is also committed to a caseload of 30 foster families per licensing worker. The agency remains very committed to hiring the most competent, committed and knowledgeable social workers and ensuring that all staff are well-compensated for their efforts through salaries and benefits that match the work, commitment and experience of the staff. The additional revenues will be directed toward the training of staff, foster parents, biological families, and supporting the many needs of children in the form of clothing, activities, and programs offered within the community. Monies will also be directed toward foster parents whom are in need of additional support from the agency in the care for the foster children. The atmosphere and reinvestments in infrastructure will ensure that staff will be long-time employees, enabling foster children and foster parents to experience an unusual but essential consistency in care and high-quality service. This agency aims to reduce, if not eliminate, the issues of turnover that so greatly impact the care of children in the foster care system. Staff who are appropriately compensated and supported with reasonable caseloads will experience job satisfaction, high agency morale, and have the pride of providing consistent care to children and their families. 

The founders of Fostering Futures also bring knowledge of the ongoing dynamic in welfare agencies, in which foster care revenue is used to support many other programs within large agencies, resulting in the foster care system falling short of the needed reimbursements for quality care. The state reimbursement rate is higher than ever in its history and monies are available to be reinvested in care. Fostering Futures also aims to remain small in size having no more than a capacity of 75 children in care. This will also ensure the quality of care remain focused on the children, biological families, staff and foster parents who dedicate themselves to the effort of reunification and permanency. The Fostering Futures leadership aims to finally deliver this service in a premier manner. Fostering Futures will continually strive to become not only a leader in the state of Michigan but nationally in the care for foster children, their families, and foster parents. Fostering Futures realizes the need to stay focused on its original mission statement; adding services carefully, as to avoid the common pitfall of diluting its mission by spreading itself too thin.