Fostering Futures welcomes, values and celebrates employees’ diverse backgrounds, including (but not limited to) variations in: race, age, ethnic background, marital status, disability, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.


Fostering Futures is committed to training and supporting staff through regular performance reviews, raises, annual gifts for longevity and staff-appreciation events. This is a teamwork environment, and all staff work hard to support each other succeeding in achieving permanency for the children we serve.



Updated 9/11/2019

Visitation Specialist

This entry-level position (no degree necessary), is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of Foster Care. The Visitation Specialist is responsible for supervising parenting times, while providing a safe, secure environment, physically and emotionally, for children and their families. Because frequent transportation of children is required, applicants must have a valid Driver’s license and a dependable, registered, insured vehicle.

Position status:

We do NOT have any openings for Visitation Specialists at this time.

foster care case manager

The Foster Care Case Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of treatment plans for the child/youth in care, their foster family, and their family of origin. Qualified candidates must have a minimum of a BA/BS Degree in social work, psychology or counseling, or a human service field.

Position status:

We do NOT have any openings for Case Managers at this time.

LICENSING Specialist

The Licensing Specialist plans and coordinates the initial and ongoing development of foster families. Qualified applicants must have a valid drivers’ license, and must have a BA/BS degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or a human service related degree.

Position status:

We do NOT have any openings for Licensing Specialists at this time.


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