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"Where Children Grow." Our Director chose this motto because she wanted Fostering Futures to be committed to providing the best opportunities for children and their families to heal. Whether they are with their birth family, relatives, foster or adoptive families, children need whoever cares for them to be their best, highest functioning selves. We believe this must start with a clinical understanding of the needs of traumatized children and families, and provision of effective therapeutic services. We also recognize that to truly flourish, children need more than just having their basic needs met. Music, art, athletics and other extracurricular activities are vital to helping children grow and develop to their fullest potentials.

Fostering Futures' "Where Children Grow" fund, is a discretionary fund we maintain to help cover certain expenses that are not otherwise covered for children in foster care. This may include sports team uniforms, scouting memberships, musical instrument rental, dance classes, summer camps, and many other enriching experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible. We may use the fund to provide extra training for staff or parents, which in turn allows them to better meet the needs of the children. The fund might also be used to cover a rare and unexpected medical need not covered by Medicaid, such as replacing a lost retainer, or broken eyeglasses when replacement allowances through Medicaid have been exhausted.

Most foster families are able to cover the costs of these activities and items themselves. However, there are families who have the time, attention and love to give a child, but may lack the financial ability to cover some of those extra expenses. Support from the "Where Children Grow" fund may allow a child to participate both in band and in basketball, rather than having to choose just one activity. It could also make the difference between a family being able to care for just one child, and being able to take in a sibling pair or group. 

The "Where Children Grow" fund is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes to directly impact, in a significant and positive way, the lives of children in foster care. You can donate to the fund directly, through various fundraisers we host throughout the year, or through a number of "donate while you shop" programs described below.

Direct donations are tax deductible, as Fostering Futures is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization. The Fostering Futures Tax Id Number is 27-0267132.



You can easily support "Where Children Grow" without spending an extra dime out of your own pocket, whenever you shop online with Amazon Smile or through iGive or when you shop at your local Kroger store. These "donate while you shop" programs automatically donate a small percentage of each qualifying purchase you make to a charity of your choice. Setting it up takes just a few moments, after which you just shop like you normally would. The donations are made automatically on your behalf every time you shop at a participating online retailer. Just click on the logos below to set your browser up for iGive.com and/or Amazon Smile, or to choose Fostering Futures as your charity when using your Kroger Card. Call or email Tammy at Fostering Futures if you need some extra assistance getting set up:  734-481-8999 or ttalvitie@ffkids.org.

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