All foster parents and foster care workers are "mandatory reporters," meaning that we are required by law to report incidents of abuse and/or neglect. If you have witnessed or even SUSPECT the abuse or neglect of a child, you must call Centralized Intake at 855-444-3911 as soon as possible to verbally report what you know. During your call to Centralized Intake, the agent will give you a "Log Number;" be sure to make note of this number.

Within 72 hours of the call to Centralized Intake, you must also complete and submit a "3200 form" (DHS-3200) which you can download using the button on the left. Be sure to enter the Log Number where indicated on the top of the DHS-3200 form. Instructions for submitting the form by mail, email or fax are printed on the form.

Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Training

Completion of "Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Training" is required for all Licensed Foster Parents. To complete this training, simply:

  1. Download the training worksheet here: RPPS worksheet

  2. Complete the worksheet while watching the 15-minute training video here: RPPS video

  3. Provide the completed worksheet to your licensing agency; you can fax, email, or hand it to either your licensing or case worker.

In addition to the required training above, the following documentation provides supplemental information about Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Guidelines; it may answer some of the questions you have about your role as a foster parent:


ALTERNATE CAREGIVERS - All licensed foster parents and adoptive parents must designate an "Alternate Caregiver" who can step in to take care of the foster children in their care in the event of an emergency or planned unavailable absence. An unavailable absence is a period during which you cannot be reached, or cannot return in a timely manner to the children placed in your care (whether you are out of town, or stricken with injury or illness). Alternate Caregivers must complete the form DHS-1929 and follow the instructions below to obtain Central Registry Clearance. Examples of an Alternate Caregiver situation would be:  1.) You (and your co-parent) are vacationing out-of-state and want to leave the kids with your sister; it would take several hours or more to return home if you were needed in an emergency. 2.) You (and your co-parent) were in an accident and will be unable to care for the children for an unknown period of time, but your In-Laws are willing to care for the children placed in your care until you recover.

BABYSITTERS - Temporary caregivers who care for your children for a short period of time, during which you could return in an emergency, are considered "babysitters." Babysitters can be selected at your discretion without obtaining Central Registry Clearance. In other words, babysitters do NOT need a Central Registry Clearance.  Examples of babysitter situations would be any of the following, assuming the babysitter can reach you and you can return home to the child if needed:  1.) A person who watches the child in their home or in your home during the day while you work  2.) A person who cares for your child while you enjoy a movie, go out to dinner, or take part in a recreational activity.

Contact your licensing worker if you have questions about the difference between an Alternate Caregiver and a babysitter. The examples above are just to help illustrate the difference, but do not cover every situation. If you have any doubt, play it safe -- ask your licensing worker!

FORM AND INSTRUCTIONS - To designate someone as an Alternate Caregiver, start by asking them to download the form DHS-1929 and follow the instructions below (taken from the State of Michigan Website). Return the results to your licensing worker.

"Individuals requesting a Central Registry clearance on themselves who are Michigan residents should complete the Central Registry Clearance Request - DHS-1929 form.  Mail or hand-deliver the completed DHS-1929 form and a copy of your picture identification to your local DHS office. To pick up the results in person, you must present picture identification. To have the results mailed, a copy of your picture identification must be provided with the DHS-1929. Note: Results will only be mailed to the address on the picture identification"

Registering in SIGMA VSS

All adoptive/foster parents are required to be registered in the SIGMA system by registering on the State of Michigan VSS website. Any approved reimbursements for transportation to and from visitation with biological parents will be dispersed through this system, as well as Adoption Subsidy Payments, or any other payments from the State of Michigan. Once you are registered on SIGMA VSS, we strongly recommend that you also register to receive payments by direct deposit (EFT) into your back account. This will ensure quicker receipt of payments. Foster or Adoptive parents who had previously set up a Vendor account on Michigan Bridges will need to verify their information in the new system, but not set up an entirely new account.

To complete your registration, go to and:

  1. in the left-hand column, click the “Register" button.

  2. On the "Memorandum of Agreement" page, read and click "Accept Terms"

  3. On the "Registration Tips" page, click "Next"

  4. Search to make sure you haven't already set up an account, either in this or the old system. Foster parents should scroll down to the "Individual Search" section, and fill in the last name and last 4 digits of SSN of the person who might be registered, and click the "Search" button.

If a matching account is found, follow the prompts to ACTIVATE ACCOUNT.

If no matching account is found, click the "New Registration" button, and follow prompts to set up your new user account. Enter all requested information, including valid email address and deposit account information. If you need detailed step-by-step registration instructions, click HERE to view/download a PDF. 

If you have any additional questions about this process or problems registering, please contact the OFM Help Desk by phone: (888) 734-9749 or Email:

First Aid Training

The State of Michigan requires all licensed foster homes have at least one adult household member certified in First Aid, and maintain that certification throughout the duration of the foster home license. The following resources provide this required training in online or online/in-person formats. After completing your training, be sure to provide a copy of your certification to your Licensing Worker.

Red Cross Adult/Child/Baby First Aid ONLINE $25.00

National CPR Foundation First Aid ONLINE $16.99

First Aid Web ONLINE $20.00

American Heart Association Online & In-person session $31.00 (online portion) + fee for in-person class & exam

National Safety Commission First Aid, CPR, & AED ONLINE $19.95

Red Cross Adult/Child/Baby First Aid ONLINE $25.00

National CPR Foundation First Aid ONLINE $16.99


Below are links to some of the forms that are frequently needed by foster families. You can pick up hard copies in our office, but we offer the links below for your convenience. You can download, use and print the forms you need, when you need them. Please contact us to suggest other forms you would like to see added here!