Social Service Resources for biological, Foster and Adoptive Families

The information on this page is gathered from other organizations which have no direct affiliation with Fostering Futures. Our hope is to curate a collection of resources offered by other organizations that our families and associates might find valuable. We welcome corrections, and appreciate suggestions for new resources to be added. The information we present is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge; however, you should take care to research and understand any program before you become involved with it.

Foster Closet of Michigan

Provides personal items to begin the process of rebuilding a foster child's self-esteem and provides them with belongings they can call their own. Use the link below to find which of their 17 locations is nearest you. Make a donation, or "shop" for your foster child. Items are new or like-new, and are free to children in foster care.

Washtenwaw County:

Other Michigan Counties:

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House by the Side of the Road

Our purpose is to provide adequate clothing and small household items at no charge to children and adults. These services are free to clients with limited funds for clothing, bedding, and other household essentials. People come in after family breakup, job loss, fire, or prolonged illness. We also serve those who are homeless, those who are just reentering society from prison, people with mental health issues, recent immigrants, and migrant workers.

Michigan Manual for the Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs

The State of Michigan has an EXCELLENT website compiling bedbug prevention, control, and eradication methods from agencies and researchers across the US and Canada.  It also includes best practices for hotel stays, kids at camp, college dorms, and moving. Bedbugs love everyone….. please check this site out before they check you out!


All children in foster care under the age of 5 automatically qualify for WIC. Simply call 1-800-262-4784 or your local WIC office today and make an appointment to get started. Follow the link below for more information, including a list of local WIC offices.


Macomb County

"The Right Connection" has been designed by the Macomb County Youth Council for use by Macomb County service personnel to assist families in locating free or low-cost community services. It offers a huge list of service types, including financial assistance, substance abuse services, ASD and FASD services, counseling for a number of issues, and much more. The index lists services by service category (not by agency), and is also searchable. 


Washtenaw County DHHS has put together a very comprehensive list of resources available to their community. A wide range of topics are covered, including Financial Assistance, Housing, Education, Clothing, Food & Meals, Legal Services, Transportation, many areas of health and dental care, and much more.  Click the button on the right to view, download and/or print the Washtenaw County Resource Guide, updated August 2016.